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About Viperlib

About ViperLib Project

Viperlib is a non-profit, web-based resource library of images and presentation material illuminating the study of visual perception. All images are given freely by the vision research community and are available for educational, non-profit use only (see the conditions of use). This is your site and is only as good as the material that has been contributed. So please share your images. A huge thank you to all who have contributed images so far. The site would not exist without you!

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The Team—old and new

Barry Barry

Barry is Viperlib’s mascot & full-time snake.

Peter Thompson Dr Peter Thompson

My main interests are motion perception, football (real football not the bastardised versions some of our ex-colonies amuse themselves with) drinking and serving others. A born-again cyclist, I have created a scale model of the solar system along a cycle track near York ( In my spare time I run the odd half marathon, and the decidedly odder marathon. In my even sparer time I am an executive editor for the journal Perception.

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Rob Stone Rob Stone

I work at the Psychology Dept at the University of York, UK as a Senior Experimental Officer which means practically nothing! I am responsible for maintaining the department’s computers (PCs & Macs) teaching computer based stuff, helping with practicals and anything computerey that needs sorting out. Have been known to juggle, fly kites, climb and anything slightly sporty to avoid work.

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Argument from Design Argument from Design

Argument from Design was commissioned by Peter & Rob in 2007 to redesign the Viperlib site. Argument from Design’s two main developers, Ian White & Ray Drainville converted the site to run on Ruby on Rails. They love what they do & would love to work for you, too, so go ahead & contact them.

Elaine Pollard Elaine Pollard

Ever since Viperlib started in August 2003 the day to day work on the site has been done by Elaine Pollard. It is really thanks to Elaine that the site exists today. With her enthusiasm, dedication, and attention to detail, viperlib has prospered over the past 3 years. However our original funding for the site has now been exhausted and viperlib is about to enter a new phase. Meanwhile we must say good-bye to Elaine and we wish her all success in the future.

Elizabeth Inglis and Annalie Elizabeth Inglis

I joined the project at the beginning as a web developer. Slowly Viperlib evolved from an idea to become the original Viperlib website in August 2003. I have since left the project to look after my daughter Annalie who was born last year.

Mark Rendell Mark Rendell

I joined the team as a freelance web-programmer to redevelop the original Viperlib site in time for the one year anniversary and to launch the technical side of the humble beginnings of Viper2go. I have now skipped town and left England to travel the World.

Dean Chesher Dean Chesher

More keeper than creator… Barry lives in my head and likes Mexican food. He makes sure I eat my greens and sometimes tells me to burn things (I won’t though, no matter how much he shouts). I also like Mexican food, enjoy bad movies and I quite fancy living under the sea. When I’m not fighting the voices inside, I also happen to be a designer and illustrator.